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Dawgen Global Collaborates with NeedStreet to Boost Telemedicine in the Caribbean

Dawgen Global Collaborates with NeedStreet to Boost Telemedicine in the Caribbean
Kingston, Jamaica – May 29, 2023 – In a recent development, Dawgen Global, an eminent professional
services firm known for its ground-breaking business solutions, has announced its association with
NeedStreet Web Technologies Pvt Ltd. The partnership allows Dawgen Global to become an authorized
reseller of ContinuousCare™, a state-of-the-art telehealth software, across various Caribbean nations.
This strategic alliance between the two firms promises to usher in a new era for Caribbean healthcare. By
leveraging the avant-garde features of ContinuousCare™, the goal is to bridge the gap in healthcare
accessibility, ensuring that residents across the Caribbean have consistent access to crucial medical
Dr. Dawkins Brown, the CEO of Dawgen Global, shared his enthusiasm, stating, “This venture with
NeedStreet signifies a monumental evolution in Caribbean healthcare. With ContinuousCare’s prowess,
we’re poised to redefine how physicians and other key stakeholders deliver healthcare services in the
Crafted by NeedStreet Web Technologies, ContinuousCare™ serves as a comprehensive solution for
healthcare professionals looking to integrate and manage their practice online. From facilitating online
appointments for both telehealth and in-person consultations to offering integrated payment gateways,
the software encompasses a broad spectrum of features. Additionally, the platform’s integrated patient
portal ensures that individuals can securely access and update their medical records and partake in
telemedicine consultations. Moreover, a management dashboard equips practitioners with tools for
efficient patient engagement via SMS, email, WhatsApp, and more. A defining feature of this platform is
its impending integration with pioneering AI technologies from OpenAI, elevating its capabilities
Ms. Chenju Venugopal, Director of Customer Development at NeedStreet, echoed the sentiment. “We’re
embarking on a journey to redefine patient care through technological advancements, and partnering
with Dawgen Global aligns perfectly with this mission.”
ContinuousCare™ acts as a bridge, reinforcing the bond between healthcare providers and patients, thus
fostering a deeper understanding of individual health needs. As a testament to its robust capabilities,
ContinuousCare™ is making inroads into numerous Caribbean territories, like Jamaica, Barbados,
Bermuda, and many others, marking a transformative phase in regional healthcare accessibility.
About Dawgen Global:
Established as a beacon of innovation, Dawgen Global offers a plethora of business solutions across
various sectors, from finance to healthcare.
About NeedStreet Web Technologies Pvt Ltd:
Incepted in 2011, NeedStreet is a trailblazer in tech solutions, with its flagship platform,
ContinuousCare™, dedicated to uplifting the global healthcare domain.
Media Contact:
Company: Dawgen Global
Spokesperson: Dr. Dawkins Brown Send e-mail Phone: 1876-9265210
Location: Kingston, Jamaica

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