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Mayberry Investments Limited: A Resilient Performance Amidst Market Challenges

Mayberry Investments Limited: A Resilient Performance Amidst Market Challenges

Kingston, Jamaica, July 24, 2023 – Despite encountering obstacles in the equities market, Mayberry Investments Limited (MIL), a prominent financial services provider, showcased its tenacity with a stellar second quarter, recording a net profit of J$768.6 million. This commendable performance helped offset its first-quarter losses, bringing the year-to-date profit to over J$100 million.

Compared to the previous year’s substantial net profit of J$5.2 billion for the same quarter, Mayberry’s current performance underwent pressures, mainly due to reduced unrealized gains from its FVTPL investment portfolio. This dip is attributed to the subdued equities market that affected the group’s profitability.

Nevertheless, the tide turned favorably for Mayberry, owing much to its thriving joint ventures. The company witnessed a substantial jump in its joint venture profits, touching J$974 million for the quarter, a stark contrast to the previous year’s joint venture losses of J$29 million. Such robust partnerships were instrumental in propelling the company back into the black.

CEO Gary Peart commented on the company’s second-quarter accomplishments, “Mayberry’s perseverance and adaptability have been evident in these tumultuous times. Our calculated moves and an emphasis on cost efficiency were pivotal in navigating the market challenges to realize profitability. Our unwavering commitment lies in delivering shareholder value and fortifying Mayberry Group’s future.”

Underlining its commitment to operational efficiency, Mayberry Group successfully trimmed its operating expenses by J$338 million during the quarter. This reduction underscores the effective strategies employed by the company to enhance its financial standing.

Peart further highlighted, “Achieving a net profit of J$768.6 million is a testament to our determination and hard work, more so when juxtaposed with the significant J$600 million loss from the first quarter.”

While the net profit of J$293.3 million for the year’s first half marks a 91% decline from the corresponding period in 2022, this significant rebound from the first quarter underscores the company’s potential for ongoing growth.

Mayberry Group’s second-quarter turnaround underscores its strategic prowess and resilience. With a sharp focus on fostering profitable collaborations and judicious cost management, the company sets an optimistic tone for its future journey. As MIL continues its forward march, battling market adversities, investors can remain buoyant about its sustained growth trajectory and the promise of enhanced shareholder value.

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