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Pan Jamaica Group Limited Sees Growth Following Merger with JP

Pan Jamaica Group Limited Sees Growth Following Merger with JP

Kingston – The Pan Jamaica Group Limited, following its merger with JP, has showcased promising results in its interim report for the first half ended 30 June 2023. The merger, aimed at enhancing shareholder returns, reflects the company’s vision of consolidating strengths to foster future growth and achieve a competitive edge in its diverse businesses.

According to the Chairman’s statement, PanJam’s speciality foods division (SF Division) was the largest contributor to the group’s revenue, generating $9.5 billion, with a profit before finance cost and taxation reaching $223 million. The SF Division, consisting of subsidiaries engaged in farming and food processing, operates modern food production sites in Europe and the Caribbean, with a distribution center in the United States.

Highlighting the SF Division, the JP Juice Group, which runs juice production facilities in countries such as Holland, Spain, and Belgium, stands out as the primary contributor to the division’s revenues and profits. Notably, the JP Juice Group has solidified its position as the market leader in fresh juice production in Northern Europe.

On the other hand, the Global Services Division (GS Division) is presented as a multinational logistics entity with vested interests in business processing outsourcing and tourist attractions. With earnings before finance costs and taxation reported at $1.9 billion on revenues of $5.6 billion, the GS Division has seen a substantial inflow from businesses combined during the second quarter merger with JP.

In November 2022, PanJam and JP entered an agreement where JP transitioned its core businesses to PanJam in exchange for a 34.5% interest in the latter. As a result, the merged entity was renamed Pan Jamaica Group Limited.

Commenting on the merger and its benefits, Dr. Dawkins Brown, the Executive Chairman of Dawgen Global, noted, “The results presented by PanJam confirms the foresight behind such strategic mergers. The combined strengths of two business enterprises operating as a unified entity offers enhanced shareholder value and paints an optimistic picture for future growth.”

As Pan Jamaica Group Limited navigates through 2023 as its transition year, the company looks forward to capitalizing on its broadened portfolio. This includes sectors such as food and drink, logistics, infrastructure, property, financial services, hotels, and business process outsourcing. The Chairman’s report also hints at potential future rationalization to allocate resources to those sectors where the company can maintain a competitive advantage and yield the highest returns for its shareholders.

Concluding his statement, the Chairman extended gratitude to the board, management, operating teams, and business partners for their unwavering dedication and continued support to the Pan Jamaica Group’s shared values and business objectives.

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