Terms and Conditions

• Preferential positioning: 20%
• Fixed spot: add 25%
• Piggy Back surcharge of 12%. Maximum of
3 additional products allowed.
• Entitlements are product specific and may not be
transferred or interchanged.
• A late fee of 15% of scheduled spots will be applied to
any bookings received after 4:00pm for broadcast
within a 24 hour period.
• Special events/programmes are subject to premium
rates regardless of the time of the programme.
• Written notification of cancellation must be received
at least 5 working days in advance of effective
cancellation date or a fee of 5% of the remaing
balance will be applied.
• BATV reserves the right to pre-empt spots or
programmes. Notice will be given and arrangements
made to reschedule/make good.
• BATV does not guarantee that competitive
advertisments will not be aired during the same




For further information contact:
BATV Sales Department
11 Trinidad Terrace, Kingston 5, Ja W.I
Tel: 1(876)908-0919, 906-6357 | Tele/Fax:
(876)754-4317 | Email:info@batvja.com