Business News
Daily comprehensive round-up of top business news developments from across Jamaica, the region and internationally. The news package also includes an investigative element for viewers to follow the progress of major headline stories.

Talking Stocks
A review of stock market movements at the Jamaica Stock Exchange looking at the implications for the economy, companies and individuals. We will highlight various investment opportunities and demystify industry jargon. Each show features a business listed on the Junior or Senior Stock Exchange.

Weekend Business Report
Captures the week’s big business news stories locally and abroad. It explores issues on a deeper level than that which is facilitated in the average news story and ferrets out stories that aren’t the typical day-to-day business news stories.

Wealth Magazine Business Access
A different type of business show presenting inspiring stories that educate, motivate and empower offering valuable business tips and advice.

Home Sweet Home
Home Sweet Home is your ultimate guide to skillfully navigating the Jamaican real estate market. It exposes viewers to the legal considerations and steps to take when buying, selling, or renovating property, whether residential or commercial. It keeps viewers abreast of developments in the construction industry and select real estate listings.

Corporate Events
A daily showcase of business and corporate events (seminars, product launches, expos, conferences, award shows) presented with a fresh, urban edge.

On Point (Business Current Affairs)
A frank “no holds barred” energetic business current affairs discussion on topical issues and events impacting the economy as a whole and as well as specific sectors, with business persons across the full spectrum of the economy including successful entrepreneurs and role models, analysts, industry thinkers and journalists, aimed at bringing solutions to the daily challenges within the business community.

Chill Spot
Checks out the ideal places that business people go to relax and unwind, eat, be entertained and have fun. It looks at a range of ‘chill spots’ that would appeal to the young professional, the established corporate executive, budding entrepreneurs, families etc. across all strata of society. Each week we get to see the lighter side of a business personality who invites us along to experience the charm of their chill spot and shares useful tips on networking and socializing.

The Good Life
Focuses on healthy living, its impact on people’s lives and the businesses/enterprises that operate in support of this way of life. Takes a holistic approach and targets mind, body and spirit inviting viewers to experience the good life and indulge in some well deserved pampering. It showcases spas, gyms, fitness and wellness centres, nature retreats and salons.

Creating Wealth (MSME Feature)
Reveals the stories behind micro, small and medium enterprises and shares the journey and experiences of aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to grow their business. Interviews are conducted with them in their own environment, displaying their operations, hearing about their struggles and triumphs and demonstrating to others the challenges they overcame. The programme inspires and motivates others, providing useful strategies, solutions and life lessons on the path to achieving goals and creating wealth.

Caring Hands (Philanthropic feature)
Focuses on individuals, organizations, businesses that are giving back to society, the less fortunate, the vulnerable and the needy. It evokes emotion and effectively communicates altruistic caring and support with no strings attached. Caring Hands highlights efforts to protect and conserve the environment and show care and compassion to animals. The feature is about the cause and those who are being helped. It seeks to motivate others to contribute.

Cameo (Creative Industries)
Cameo delves beyond the allure of the creative industries, going behind the scenes to reveal the growth potential and business opportunities that exist within this growing sector, dissecting its contribution and importance to Jamaica’s economy. Each week the show highlights local creators in different categories – performing and visual arts, fashion, craft, media, architecture, advertising, animation, fashion, cuisine and writing/publishing etc.

Career Moves
Explores career options that may not be readily apparent to job seekers, exposing them to the myriad opportunities that exist in various industries. It shows people actually doing the job and provides an understanding of the training that is required, the skills and abilities needed, the range of compensation for various careers, what it takes to make it in the workplace and scope for advancement. It encourages people to expand their horizons and open their minds to the innovative career opportunities that are out there.

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